Juke That is unique at its ease of use. In most Jukeboxes and MP3 players, the guests can break a lot.

Juke That is different. It separates an area where you manage your music from the Jukebox itself.

In the management, you rate your music, import CDs, MP3s, or from iTunes etc. In the Jukebox, your guests wish songs and the automatic DJ jumps in when the wishes run out.

Intuitive and easy

Using the Jukebox is fool-proof. Your guests (and of course, you, too) simply click on the plus sign next to a song and that places a wish.

Thereby, they cannot interrupt the current song, and they can't delete anything. So you can leave your computer to the hands of your guests.

You can set a password to prevent them from leaving the Jukebox area and you can disable the mouse or remove some controls, so e.g. only you can remove wishes. As you like.

Browse or search - your choice

You can browse the artists, genres, or albums, select Karaoke songs or list songs that have been wished most often, and much more.

The search is incredibly fast and very handy. Just type a few letters of a word and the matching artists and songs show up. Type another word start, hit Enter, and the wish is placed. It's never been that fast.

Special keyboards

If you want to add extra comfort for your guests, you can make a special keyboard from a regular numeric keypad, those you get in any computer store.

Just download the template, print on stickers paper, and stick them to the keys, and your guests can use the Jukebox with a handful of keys and no need for a mouse.

And you as the DJ can download stickers too, that spice up your keyboard.

Next: The automatic DJ

So far, so good. If I did not convince you of the comfort and fun your guests have yet, read on. Now I tell you about what's happening inside Juke That, how the automatic DJ works, and what you can set up as the party host. Proceed to the automatic DJ...

Or download Juke That now and give it a try.