An extra-nice feature of Juke That is Karaoke. Unlike other Karaoke products, you can create your own Karaoke songs and sing to all of your favorites, even if they are less known. And this includes songs of your school band, too!

Check list

And this is, what you need:

  • An instrumental version of the song. The song without voice is best for singing. If you don't have any instrumental version, you can also use the original song, with the voice, that's OK, too.
  • The lyrics. You can either enter the text directly, or you take any other source, for example the Internet. Typing some words into your favorite search engine helps in most cases.
  • A little sense of rhythm, as you have to tap to the beat of the music, so Juke That knows which syllable is sung when. In the Jukebox, this is where the small jumping ball comes from.

Karaoke assistent

To ease all up, a Karaoke assistent guides you through the steps of creating your own Karaoke songs. It shows you the song text and the stress marks, and it allows you to compare the Karaoke version with a sung one.

This is how it looks like, if you make your very own Karaoke:

In the Jukebox

When you now wish the song in the Jukebox, an extra box appears, as you can see in this screen shot.

A ball jumps on the words that are to be sung. Parallelly, your guests can wish the next Karaoke song. Have great fun!

Share with friends

By the way, you can share the Karaoke information, i.e. the song lyrics and the rhythm, with your friends. Click on "Email / Save as", and after having sent it to your friend, they press "Import". Or you use the Share Music function, which copies Karaoke information on the fly.

And that's also what I'd like to tell you next.