Welcome to Juke That, your Party Jukebox. First of all, thank you for using Juke That. We hope you enjoy it great time.

Juke That mainly focuses on parties. Your guests can wish the songs they like, and you, the DJ, may intervene. You can set up which music genres play, rate songs etc. Furthermore, you can make Karaoke songs and share them to sing to your favorite songs with your friends. And Juke That is much more.

But Juke That is not a player for every occasion. Juke That works in full-screen mode. The menu item Jukebox is the only one to play music in a row, and it expects that you are having some kind of party at least. If you want Juke That to play music in the background, this works well, of course, and the Automatic DJ will be pleased to shuffle the songs as you like it. But it has never been the goal to be good in this area.

First start

When you start Juke That for the first time, it asks you to search the hard disks for MP3 files. Press "Advanced..." to controls where to add MP3 files from. If you press "No", you will not be able to use the Jukebox, but you can add music in the Library Management at any time.


Next, the menu shows up. Here you choose the area of Juke That to use.


This is the section you use at parties or if you like to listen to music. Everything focuses on the wishes of your party guests and the Automatic DJ, that uses the genres to shuffle music. The music never stops, even if the guests stop to wish songs.

Playing Karaoke songs is another feature of the Jukebox.

Manage Library

In this area, you organize the music, add songs, rename them, rate them, and sort them into albums, artists, and genres. You can also create playlists here.

Usually, you do not use this area on parties, but you can. For example, if a guests hands over their memory stick, you can import MP3 files while the music plays.

And if you like to create your own Karaoke, this is the place to do so.

Share Music

Do you own more than one computer and like to keep the libraries synchronized? Use this section to offer the library of one Juke That installation to your network and connect to it from another. If you want, Juke That shows news songs only. Very handy to stay up-to-date.

Share Music can tell your friends what's up, too. Create your own web site or let Juke That update your Twitter status for you.

Portable Music

If you like your MP3 player to be filled with your music, you can use the Automatic DJ for this purpose, too. It fills a drive or folder according to your mood, i.e. a set of genres that fit together, or it takes songs from one artist, album, or playlist.

And Portable Music creates an MP3-player-compatible playlist of the songs it chose, too.


This is the menu item to set up many options of Juke That, like the functions and keys available in the Jukebox, to up the structure and location of the library on your hard disk.


Do you know friends to tell them about Juke That? Sends them a message. You get a reward, if this leads them into purchasing Juke That. Terms and Conditions apply.