You don't have to be alone with your Jukebox. Juke That can network with your friends, it can tell them that you're planning or having a party. It can also keep your library synchronized with the one of other Juke Thats you own.


With Juke That, you can keep multiple libraries synchronized. You can copy music you imported and edited on one computer to another one. That's a very powerful feature, because Juke That looks what songs are new on the other computer, new since the last time you synchronized with that computer.

To do so, you connect to a library that offers its music. You can see Juke Thats in your network, and you choose one of them. Alternatively, you can enter the name or IP address of the computer you want to connect to.

Then you select if you want to see all the songs of the library or only the new songs since the last time.

Now you can download selected songs or entire groups. Juke That also downloads the Karaoke lyrics. And of course, you can preview songs before downloading them.


If you like, you can let Juke That write tweets for you. Tweets are the status updates on Twitter.

Juke That tweets, among others, in the following situations:

  • when a Juke That party starts or ends
  • when the guests take control of the Jukebox
  • when you add new songs to your library or enter Karaoke lyrics

Web site

Juke That can furthermore create a personal web site for you. On this web site, you can tell something about you, announce parties, and provide your library to browse through it. The visitors of your site can browse by artists, albums, and genres, view popular and Karaoke songs, etc., similar to how they do in Juke That.


OK, no more story-telling now. Download Juke That here, and make up your own opinion!