In addition to the wishes and the Automatic DJ, you can also use playlists in the Jukebox. They let you specify which songs you want to hear in which order, or what songs to shuffle from. A good use-case for playlists is the start of a party, where you maybe like to start with a collection of recent or very popular songs.

To edit playlists, oben the Library Management and click on "Playlists" at the top. A new area appears at the bottom.

To create a new playlist, click at the bottom left 1 on "New playlist" and enter a name. Then you browse the library by selecting category and group, using the songs list and search, and drag-and-drop the songs into the playlist at the bottom right 2.

To rearrange songs in the playlist, you can use dragging and dropping, as well.

To edit a playlist, simply click on it. Its songs show up on the bottom right.


You find an explanation on how to use a playlist in the Jukebox in the help page of the Automatic DJ.