Juke That understands a handful of command line options. Most of them are already available to you as program shortcuts.

These are the parameters:

starts Juke That in the Jukebox. This option is handy if you put it into the Autostart folder of a Windows user that has no password and who is the only user of the system. In this case, Jukebox starts automatically, when the computer starts, without any key press necessary.
/jukebox /paused
starts Juke That in the Jukebox, but in paused mode.
starts Juke That in the Library Management.
/config DIR
sets up an alternative configuration and library directory, if you want to manage multiple libraries on this computer. "DIR" denotes this directory.
scans memory sticks and connected hard disk for a Jukebox on a stick.
/log info
turns on logging. The log file is located in the "JukeThat" directory in "Program Files".
/log debug
turns on extended logging.

You can combine most of the options. The order you specify them does not matter.